Practicing the Art of Sex Magic

Akilah Ivy
3 min readMay 10, 2023


& Understanding that every orgasm can be a prayer

Art by Lori McMichael

The energy created during sex is powerful, potent energy. It rises up like a fiery phoenix sending a flowing current out into the world, carrying our intentions and deepest truths.

Learning this has led me to explore the alchemy of sexual energy, putting it into practice for the past few years as a curious student of the craft; and I’ll tell you without a doubt that sex magic is powerful magic indeed.

My extensive and colorful history with sex allows me to dive deep into the practice, as a retired porn actress and sex worker.

Having sex back then wasn’t always the most fun when it was a part of a stream of income, and I had no idea about the things I know now. Since I’ve reclaimed that part of my life as my own, it means something so much more sacred.

Now, I can experiment with all the ways that sex can be healing, holy and magical. Most times, these explorations are done on my very own.

Solo sex can be just as juicy, and holds just as much of the potential for thunder and lighting to fill the air with your orgasm. Performing these rituals with myself also gives me a chance to get to know myself in a special way, to be my own sex priestess.

I’ll light many sweet smelling candles, play the tantric sex playlist I like, lay out all my favorite, fuzziest blankets and acknowledge the four corners of the elements.

Lighting candles and rubbing your body in rose-infused oils is not a requirement for sex magic to be fruitful, it simply enhances the experience and creates a higher frequency to be emitted. My belief is that any time you create sexual energy you create magic.

With that belief, I’ve slowly begun to come into each and every sexual encounter with the sacred awareness of its power. It feels nice that any of my lovers these days absolutely expects our time together to be a spiritual experience. We meet with intention, like coming to church.

I’ve been learning about the art of sex magic with a reference book by Margo Anand called The Art of Sexual Magic and I highly recommend it if you’re truly looking to channel the full potential of this practice.

The book explains the history of the practice, healing rituals, both solo & partnered practices, and even features hand-sketched figure drawings.

I could go on and on about how sex magic has transformed my life in all kinds of beautiful ways, but it’s so much more believable when you try it for yourself. If you have even the smallest ability to imagine sex as a magical experience, you can benefit from its power.

In her book, Anand opens right away declaring “sexual energy can be refined and expanded, transporting you to realms of orgasmic delight that offer an endless variety of exquisite experiences.” My highest hope is that each and every person reading these words gains access to their own ability to refine and expand.

Let us all treat the act of creating sexual energy (whether in the comfort of her own arms or another’s) as a sacred act with the potential to send our heart’s most cherished prayers out into the world. May these prayers reflect back to us for the benefit of all and the harm of none.

It’s easy. Just hold a deep awareness that the energy you’re creating is special, and be mindful that it can be used as a gateway. This gateway can be used to amplify a desire, wish, prayer, any intention you hope to cast out and be heard.

All the other, more intricate details of how to work with sexual energy as magical energy comes later. You must decide that this is a multi-dimensional cosmic path you want to walk down and ride all the rides along the way. Then you’ll start to collect totems and silk robes and sound like a mad wizard to all you dare to share your explorations with.

Despite those who may not understand at first, exploring sex magic is a pool worth diving into, that’s warm and smells of citrus rose petals. I’m excited to see where else my own explorations take me in discovery, ecstasy, transcendence and creation.



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