Diving Deep Into the Ocean of Dreams

Akilah Ivy
3 min readApr 24, 2023


Being a skilled dream traveller while staying grounded in reality

An old wise woman once told me that to fall asleep at night is to take a leap of faith.

She spoke of how the soul travels while we sleep, bouncing around from one galaxy to the next, drifting aimlessly only to find its way back to the body when we wake.

The feeling of waking up proves this theory to me. My body feels like a heavy, wet log trying to quickly dry itself out and become able to roll again; patiently vibrating on a low hum as my blood begins to circulate, signaling that my soul’s coming back from being elsewhere.

The Mighty Gate of the Wizard

I consider myself among the rare group of people who dream vivid dreams consistently. I dream almost every night. Sometimes they are lucid and sometimes they’re pure chaos.

There are theories of how dreams can be projections of a movie we watched that night or a recreation of a significant event we experienced in the waking world.

Other times they can be gateways into the furthest reaches of our mind to work out the subconscious radio static lingering within us throughout the day.

I believe dreams are also a way for us to travel through time and space.

At the soul level, time does not exist. It is only a measuring tool for what our minds can comprehend.

The Astronaut In Training

Honestly, I dream so deeply that it’s difficult to transition back to Earth most mornings. I’ll wake up only to find myself floating in between worlds, a feather slowly drifting down at gravity’s mercy.

There are methods I’ve adopted to help ground myself back to this reality after traveling all night.

If transitioning from dreams to the waking world is a challenge for you too, try these methods as soon as you wake:

  • Tapping the body to help activate circulation
  • Drinking water first thing from a glass kept next to the bedside
  • Watching the belly rise and fall as you take your first deep breaths
  • Rubbing your fingers together, curling your toes and rolling your ankles

It’s also suggested that sleeping in shorter intervals can help as well. This way, the soul is traveling for a shorter period of time, therefore the waking transition is shorter.

Interpreting Alphabet Soup

Having vivid dreams can be a useful experience if you can develop the skill of remembering at least one or two symbols.

The symbols can then be interpreted for their significance in your life and guide you toward higher states of consciousness.

Take the first waking moments as the most critical. Make yourself recall symbols from the dream as soon as you wake up.

Then, you’ll notice the synchronicities throughout the day as you catch a glimpse of one passing by or hear it come up in conversation. You’d be amazed at what you discover.

There are many resources online that will interpret dreams on a surface level, but I believe our dreams are deeply personal and we have the ability to discover the true meaning ourselves.

Dreams are a reflection of our innermost selves. Therefore, each symbol is a personal message that holds a key to the map guiding our lives.

Just like in a video game, collecting these keys give us power. Working with dreams and interpreting their messages give us strength and discernment; the strength to rise above the noise of the waking world and the discernment to make wise choices.

As an astronaut, I hope to continue developing dream skills like asking lucid questions and looking into mirrors. I’d like to be able to jump from planet to planet with style and grace, returning each time with new treasures from the journey.

So, as we take this leap again and again, here’s to sweet dreams and a bon voyage.

See you on the other side!



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